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The company operates in all Yemeni ports (Hodeidah, Al Mualla, Aden Container Terminal, Salih, Mukhaa, Mukalla) and marine terminals for crude oil, refined and liquid gas (Al Shahr, Ras Issa, Aden Minor Refineries, Balahaf) (Aden, Sana’a, Taiz, Mukhaa, Mukalla).
Sahareej-Aden. Is a member of the international shipping authorities

The Customs Clearance Services offered by us supports in faster and hassle free clearance of shipment. We support and guide our clients to handle the sensitive procedure of custom clearance with taking full responsibility. We can understand that if the cargo is not cleared on-time it may result in incurring un-expected loss.

We have government authorized customer clearance license from yemen Customs department for Online Bayan System to do all types of customs clearance in yemen.

We utilize our expertise and latest technology and ensure that the supply chain of our client remain compliant.

Provide customs clearance Services of to below areas in yemen:

1. All Sea ports In yemen.
2. All Airports in yemen

3. All Land borders in yemen.

4. Free zone Customs

5. Customs Bounded warehouse.

We can also provide customs clearance Services to other part of world through our good agents network in all part of world.

Delivery of cargo in time & Safely is most important & final part of each and every shipments.

We have dedicated & professional drivers & transporters to do this job easily.

We provide customer to delivery of his cargo as per his requirement in time & safety.

We providing transportation services in yemen as per below:

1. Local inland transport to all area of yemen.

2. Inland transport to All GCC country.

3. Specialize in inland transport to Yemen areas.

From Using both Customs Clearance and Transport Service we deliver to cargo to customers in time.

We have cargo handling accounts with aden Port which is required for every customer to handle cargo inside aden port
We are able to give Cross Stuffing Service in aden Port to other destinations.
We are pleased to offer Cross Stuffing Service (Changing Containers in aden Port) and send your cargo via new containers to your desired destinations.

We will process all the Job inside Aden Port in Presence of customs authority and not required any import-re-export of goods in yemen to avoid any kind of deposit of duty.

We are a company which encompasses and embraces the traditional values and beliefs of what a traditional ship chandler should represent, at the same time remaining at the forefront when developing modern methods in how to best serve our customers through supply chain solutions.

We Providing below Services:

1. Food supplies: We are providing fresh & good quality food as per request from customers.

2. Bunkering: We are also able to provide bunkering to all ships. We have contacts with Yemen Oil Company Aden.

3. Cleaning & Maintenances of ships

4. We can also supply spare parts if customer required.

We are handling many break bulk and cargo ships at aden port.

We have ship agency, cargo & vessel handling license at Aden port.

We are handling and charges our agency & handling fees to customers.

We have license and accounts with aden Port to handle all type of cargo and containers at aden Port.

– We are handling General cargo

– We are handling equipment & machines cargo

– We are handling vehicles like trucks, tanks , trailers, cars

– We are handling project cargo.